Austinville Church of Christ
Wednesday, July 23, 2014
Where Families MATTER



2833 Danville Road SW   Decatur, Alabama 35603
Phone 256-353-4256  Fax 256-350-8148


 Service Times

 Sunday morning Worship 10:30 AM /  Sunday evening Worship 5:00 PM

Sunday  morning Bible Study 9:30 AM / Wednesday Bible Study 7:00 PM 

Men's Bible Class - Tuesday 9:00 AM (Elder's Office)

Ladies Bible Class - Wednesday 10:00 AM (Fellowship Hall)


News and Notes - August 30, 2013

News and Notes - August 23, 2013

News and Notes - August 16, 2013


If there is a question you want answered, please send to the address below. If you would like to study the Bible, please send for a free Bible correspondence course.
Austinville Church of Christ
2833 Danville Road SW 
Decatur, AL 35603 • 256-353-4256 



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