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  1. Faulkner Lectureship
  2. Ladies Night Out
    3/3/15 06:00pm
  3. Connexion
    3/3/15 07:00pm
  4. Men's Tuesday Morning Bible Class
    3/3/15 09:00am
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February 27, 2015

Jesus Christ, the Son of God - Proven By Prophecy

There are over 330 prophecies given in the Old Testament regarding the coming Messiah, Jesus the Christ, the Son of the Living God.

To be valid, a prophecy must be:

(1) Far removed in time from the fulfillment.

(2) Given in such detail there can be no mistake when fulfilled.

(3) Given by a plausible prophet, or foreteller.

(4) Fulfilled definitively and without question.

A very few examples that meet the above requirements:

Micah 5:2, fulfilled in Mat. 2:6

Hosea 11:1, fulfilled in Mat. 2:15

Jeremiah 31:15, fulfilled in Mat. 2:17-18

Joel 2:28-32, fulfilled in Acts 2:16-24

These and many more are given in God's word to us, to prove to us and make us to believe (John 20:30-31) that Jesus was the prophecied and the true "very Christ" (Acts 9:22).

2015 Calendar of Events

2015 Calendar of Events

Tuesday March 03 2015

Old Testament: Lev 25 Lev 25

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